The national board
  1. Rev. Lamont A. Wells
    Rev. Lamont A. Wells
  2. Nicole Hudson
    Nicole Hudson
    Vice President
  3. Joyce Adams
    Joyce Adams
    Recording Secretary
  4. Rev. Lester White
    Rev. Lester White
    Region 5 Representative
  5. Tracey A Beasley
    Tracey A Beasley
    Ms. Beasley is Corporate Tax Supervisor at Asplundh Tree Expert Company, the largest vegetation management company in the U. S. She has held that position since 2005. She has a B.S. in Accounting and earned an MBA (concentration in Taxes and Accounting). She has served as chair of multiple committees, as director of several ministries, and on several executive boards in efforts to support Lutheran ministries formerly at Mediator Lutheran Church and currently at Reformation Lutheran Church. In May 2013, Ms. Beasley was elected Vice President of the Southeastern Pennsylvania Synod (SEPA) of the ELCA. SEPA is made up of 155 congregations and has a budget of 3 million dollars. During the past 8 years she has been a member of SEPA’s Executive Committee, Stewardship Team, Candidacy Committee, Lay Leadership Training Committee and Chair of the SEPA Financial Planning Team. Ms. Beasley currently serves on three boards. The Philadelphia Chapter of Thrivent Financial as the Financial Director (connecting faith and finances for good). They are the largest fraternal benefit society in the US helping Christians be wise with their money and to live generously. She is the local treasurer and national treasurer for the African Descent Lutheran Association. This organization seeks to strengthen the hands of the ELCA for building, with integrity, a multicultural church.
  6. Krystal Hamlett
    Krystal Hamlett
    Corresponding Secretary
    Ms. Krystal Hamlett by day is a Scientist Specializing in Molecular and Micro Biology. As such, it is imperative that she be able to communicate effectively to people with diverse backgrounds and a broad range of experience from none to expert in correspondence. Krystal is a lifetime member at St. John’s Evangelical Lutheran Church in Baltimore. She has served as Church Council President and Vice President; as Director of ministries for Liturgical Dance; the choir; and on the youth outreach and family ministries. Currently Ms. Hamlett works with young Adult Ministries, Family ministries, Social justice ministries, and volunteers and works for a plethora of ELCA ministries in accordance with those previously listed.
  7. Rev. Dr. Albert Starr
    Rev. Dr. Albert Starr
    Program Director for African Descent Ministries, ELCA
  8. Rev Lucille Mills
    Rev Lucille Mills
    Region 9 Representative
  9. Rev. Dr. Leonard Killings
    Rev. Dr. Leonard Killings
    Region 6 Representative
  10. Maxine Young
    Maxine Young
    Region 7 Representative
  11. Dale Washington
    Dale Washington
    Region 2 Representative
  12. John Henderson
    John Henderson
    Region 8 Representative
  13. Rev. Vivian Thomas-Breitfeld
    Rev. Vivian Thomas-Breitfeld
    Region 5 Representative
  14. Rev. Dr. Cheryl Pero
    Rev. Dr. Cheryl Pero
    Council of International Black Lutherans