Grace and peace be unto you. 

On behalf of the African Descent Lutheran Association of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, I want to welcome each of you to our website and information center.  We are a gathering of children of God who celebrate our heritage as Lutherans of the African Diaspora. 

A few of our current objectives include:
  • Ensuring the inclusive, educational, social, and economic equality of all African Descent Ministries and leaders (lay and clergy) within the ELCA.
  • Achieving equality of rights and eliminate gender and race prejudice in the United States through non-violent principles of direct action, advocacy, and a collective voice and ministry of presence against any injustices.
  • Seeking enactment and enforcement of the ELCA’s constitutional commitments of diversity and growth of leadership and ministry particularly for people of color, women, and other marginalized groups.
  • Informing the Church and world community of the narratives and adverse effects of racial discrimination and to mobilize local chapters and Synods to eliminate these practices.
  • Educating members, supporters, and sponsors on the rich history of people of color that has helped advance the Lutheran witness in America and consistently around the world.

We seek to support our Church’s  commitment to diversity across all areas of ministry and extended invitations to become members, sponsors, and supporters of our prestigious organization to anyone.

With your prayers and support we are making progress in a very positive direction toward cultural and racial equality within the ELCA and global community. However, more can be done. 

In that regard, the African Descent Lutheran Association (ADLA) has ideas that we believe could further enhance the Lutheran Christian witness in areas around you. We would welcome the opportunity to share our ideas with you. We believe that ADLA can and will play an important and lasting role in making multi-cultural mission possible.

As you navigate this online community center, please find ways to join, connect, and participate in this spiritual and prophetic movement in the Church.

In Christ,
The Rev. Lamont Anthony Wells
President, African Descent Lutheran Association (ELCA)